It is a yearly ritual — switching your control system or thermostat to ‘cool’ from ‘heat,’ or to ‘heat’ from ‘cool’! Your indoor cooling and heating requirements change, in line with the seasons. You need to know that you have a fully functional HVAC system that is prepared for these changes. Nobody wants to have to call out an engineer on the year’s hottest or coldest weekend!

The Benefits of Arranging PreSeason Maintenance

An HVAC system strives to achieve your preferred indoor temperature! Making the temperature inside your house comfortable requires a precise balance between airflow, mechanics, and equipment. Correct HVAC maintenance will help to achieve this balance, in spite of the system’s constant stopping and starting, and operation on demand.

Preseason preventive HVAC maintenance might safeguard against unforeseen failures and increase the lifespan of your system. Advance inspections might reveal rust, leaks, soot, rot, eroded electrical contacts, and frayed wires on your heat pump or air conditioner. All of these problems can escalate rapidly, if not treated.

Also, correct maintenance might keep your unit operating at its’ optimum level of performance. “Good maintenance can lower HVAC energy expenses by five to forty percent, based on the equipment or system involved,” says Rob from Heatwave Heating & Air Conditioning.

When Should PreSeason Maintenance be Scheduled?

HVAC vendors can become extremely busy, once cold, severe weather conditions take hold, and when the summer heat arrives. This is why it is sensible to arrange preseason maintenance before these hectic periods. Lots of vendors provide preseason discounts on maintenance packages during slower periods, generally in the fall and spring based on the area.

What HVAC PreSeason Maintenance Includes

There’s no standard list of inclusions for HVAC seasonal ‘tune-ups,’ so work might vary from one engineer to the next. Preseason discounts might not feature all the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. Consequently, it is vital to realize what maintenance your unit will receive, and the full price of the job.

Based on the deal, your HVAC engineer might carry out a comprehensive system inspection, including the cleaning of components and parts. Make sure that you always check what your seasonal maintenance deal includes!

HVAC system maintenance might include, but isn’t restricted to:

  • Checking functional temperatures
  • Examining the system controls
  • Ensuring that all electrical connections are tightened
  • Lubricating moving components
  • Examining and cleaning the coils
  • Replacing or cleaning the filters
  • Replacing worn components
  • Examining the pressures and refrigerant
  • Cleaning and examining the blowers and fans
  • Examining the pipes for cracks or leaks
  • Inspecting the ignition switch
  • Cleaning and examining the gas burners
  • Cleaning and examining the flue
  • Examining the heat exchanger
  • Examining the system controls

Do not Overlook a Sitting Duct.

Ducts are a key element of your HVAC unit and should not be overlooked. The DOE (US Energy Department) reports that an average American house loses twenty to thirty percent of air from the duct system, because of holes, leaks, and ducts that are not properly connected. This can compromise your comfort indoors and increase the amount of energy you use. While it might not be featured in a preseason maintenance package, a certified professional engineer can give your ductwork a thorough inspection.

During the last ten years, advancements in filtration technology have improved the performance of residential air filters considerably. Notwithstanding, dust might still find a way into your property’s ducts. Should you be worried about the quality of your air indoors, filthy ductwork could be responsible. Once your ductwork has been inspected, your engineer might recommend that your ducts are cleaned or sealed. Alternatively, he might recommend some specialized accessories that are designed to enhance the quality of indoor air.



If you have the necessary skills, tackling a project at home yourself can be satisfying as well saving you money, as of course, you don’t need to pay anyone to carry out the work. But you should be careful your home improvement project doesn’t become a DIY disaster, and you can actually save money by hiring a good HVAC contractor. Not only that, but a reliable HVAC company also has access to the latest equipment and technology.

Paying for the services of a professional HVAC company is a good idea for several reasons:

Money Savings

If a professional carries out your HVAC repairs or installation, it will end up costing you a lot less than if you did it yourself. And it will cost you even more if you make a mistake or don’t fix things correctly if you try to repair the problem yourself. Most of us aren’t qualified to fix our heating or cooling system and aren’t even able to accurately determine what the problem is, to begin with. An HVAC technician will need to be called anyway if you end up breaking something or just can’t fix the problem.

Instead, it makes more sense to call our expert repair technicians to do the job safely and efficiently, unless you have the required certification and licensing to do the work yourself.


Electrical problems can potentially be dangerous if you aren’t 100 percent sure you know what you’re doing, and your family can even be at risk if your HVAC system is damaged. A problem with the motor or the wiring is a strong possibility if you notice an electrical burning smell, and your home can be severely damaged if the system catches fire, which is always a possibility.

Your furnace may be leaking if you notice an unpleasant aroma of rotten eggs in your home. Call a professional once you have safely got everybody out of the house, rather than tackling it yourself.

Mold or moisture inside the ductwork may be the problem if you notice that your system has a musty smell to it. The problem won’t go away if you just use a dehumidifier or air purifier in the room where you noticed the small, and you really need your air ducts thoroughly cleaned. Again, that’s a job best left to a professional HVAC contractor.


Repairing or replacing your system takes skill and training, and unless you have that, you simply aren’t qualified to safely tackle any HVAC issue. You can be reassured your problem will be taken care of safely and efficiently when you use a professional HVAC company. Diagnosing the issue quickly and accurately, and coming up with the applicable fix is what our technicians do day after day and are trained to do.


We know your time is valuable, and the goal of our technicians is to have the problem taken care of as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We can diagnose your problem and get on with fixing it quickly, thanks to the many years of relevant HVAC experience we have.


You may void your warranty if you attempt to fix any issue with your HVAC system yourself. You may not have read the small print on your warranty recently, but it probably stipulates that servicing by a professional, and regular maintenance are both requirements to keep the warranty active. You probably want to get as much out of your warranty as possible, and following that rule allows you to do that, and keep your HVAC system working for as long as you can.


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